Montreal’s Urban Sustainability Experience

Montreal has introduced an innovative and highly creative way for students to engage in the historical background of the community.  Montreal’s Urban Sustainability Experience (MUSE) is a summer program for college-age students on the Island of Montreal, part of the Hochelaga- a16th century fortified village at the heart of Montreal.  MUSE focuses on analyzing and researching various qualities of urban sustainability while placing a proportionate focus on theoretical and practical knowledge. By supportive, student-driven learning, MUSE offers a unique learning environment with a high level of discussion among students, professors, and the local community. The initiative students will be part of is appropriately named- the Hochelaga Project. The MUSE experience will facilitate student initiatives to create positive change within Montreal communities; changes that can be adapted and expanded in other communities. Montreal will be used as a case-study of an urban environment striving to identify and implement pathways for sustainable living.

Students will also develop a strong understanding of the impact human activity has on the environment, and how the environment affects our own activities, by studying both the socio-cultural and natural history of Montreal. Each Program year, students will contribute to The Hochelaga Project by working to develop a historical reconstruction of Montreal; this is a collaborative and cumulative project to be completed over the course of many years. Students will explore different methods for outlining environmental, cultural, and geographical changes. This is a multi-year project, adapted through undergraduate coursework and research. The Hochelaga Project crosses many thresholds, working as an educational initiative, a research endeavor, a public outreach opportunity and a whole new way of thinking about Montreal.

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