A Historic Montreal Neighborhood Faces Sinkhole

A Montreal residence was abruptly displaced this week due to a sinkhole that was discovered underneath a historic co-op building. The particular structure dates back to the 1800s. The unexpected unearthing lead to an evacuation, leaving many residents in the throes of sorting through personal belongings and leaving behind a portion of valuables.  The sinkhole made it necessary to demolish the co-op, which was rooted in the notable Griffintown neighborhood. A crack in the building’s infrastructure preceded the sinkage.  At the beginning of this month, residents detected a broken sewer pipe and later discovered a crack on the outside of the building. The crack expanded and was resolved to be a sinkhole.

Meanwhile, the city is planning a large scale project of up to $252 million in expense. The plan of action is to rehabilitate aqueducts, sewer systems and water mains. This is expected to be a massive construction venture, involving hundreds of infrastructures. The task also includes building new retention basins for rain water to prevent flooding, and building new freshwater storage centers. The development is foreseen to last up to two years. This vast undertaking will consist of 65 kilometers of repaired or replaced water mains and sewers. Lane closures can be anticipated.

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