Toronto’s getting an Underground Makeover

Toronto’s getting an Underground Makeover

Two neighborhoods in Toronto are getting a $73.2 million bump in funding for their storm sewer makeover.

The project involves the building of a new storm sewer system in the Fairbank and Silverthorn neighborhoods. According to the city, the project will protect 4,300 houses in four districts from sewer backups, provide basement flood protection, and will mean the construction of new storm tunnels and storm sewers.

Investments in the city’s infrastructure will help to build resilience and ensure cities, as well as basement apartments, are better equipped to deal with extreme weather events. This investment will help reduce flooding and the long-term stress due to floods.

The current infrastructure in these areas were built more than 100 years ago and it’s time for an upgrade.

The project will also help to protect public utilities and lower the impact on the environment of sewer overflows.

The funding will come out of the federal Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund, a $2-billion, 10-year program designed to build the infrastructure needed for communities to withstand natural disasters.

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