Canada Surveys Residents for Climate and Water Initiatives

Across the globe, awareness of the devastating impacts of climate change on our environment has never been higher. Canadians’ recognition of this issue was confirmed in an interesting study which revealed that 21 percent of respondents rank climate change as the number one danger to Canada’s fresh water supply. Historical climate records show that almost all areas across the country have experienced drought at one time or another over the past decade. Also, with the frequency of severe storms on the rise, Canadians are experiencing more intense rainstorms, wind events and flooding. New global temperature data has put March 2016 at a new record temperature for that time of year. This marked the 11th month in a row to set a new global high temperature record. About half of Canadians rank fresh water as Canada’s most important natural resource.

Many organizations are currently involved in the plight to protect Canada’s fresh water. RBC Blue Water Project is a 10-year global charitable commitment of $50 million to fund initiatives ranging from water education programs, habitat preservation and rehabilitation efforts on the Great Lakes. RBC has taken a special interest in water, both because it is a threat to the health of people around the world, and because it also is a serious threat to economic development in Canada.  Increased government funding for infrastructure improvements is seen as a priority, identifying the need for improved water treatment systems and sewage collection and treatment. Upgrading the existing infrastructure has been noted as one the most important agendas.

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