Montreal’s Summer Plans: Renewing Street, Sidewalks and Sewers

This summer the city of Montreal will be bustling with activity as street and sewer work will be ongoing throughout the downtown area. There will be construction in the area of Sherbrooke and McTavish streets and Dr. Penfield Avenue. With the project having just begun, the timeline for completion is anticipated to last close to a year. Many details about various points of access for both pedestrians and vehicles will be forthcoming, but here’s what to expect:

Sherbrooke Street, from University Street / Robert Bourassa Boulevard to Peel Street, will be taken up to rehabilitate sidewalks and curbs, as well as replace sewer, water and gas mains and other infrastructures.  At least one lane of traffic will be open in each direction. McTavish Street, from Sherbrooke to Dr. Penfield and from Dr. Penfield to Pine Avenue will be rebuilt and reshaped to install a more pedestrian-friendly infrastructure while maintaining access for emergency vehicles. Dr. Penfield Avenue will be rebuilt from Peel St. eastward. A major portion of that work will involve digging into the street at the intersection of McTavish (eliminating the stone steps on the south side of the street at McTavish and replacing a part of the aging infrastructure).

More infrastructure news: the Lachine Canal recently sustained heavy rainfall causing the municipal sewer system to overflow, sending potentially contaminated water into the canal. Because of this and other incidents, the City of Montreal is in the process of building a water-retention center that aims to limit the overflow of municipal waste water into the canal to one episode every five years. As it stands, there are usually three to five overflow incidents every year. Work will begin soon and is expected to be completed in approximately a year and a half.

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