Montreal’s Strategy to Protect St. Lawrence River

On a daily basis, residents of Montreal receive water of excellent quality from the St. Lawrence River. The vast quantities available can meet all demands for this resource. However, aging infrastructure and excessive use have led to consumption well above the North American average. This is why the Montreal has, over the past few years, made a sustained effort to rehabilitate its water supply system and promote more responsible water use. Disinfection of wastewater at the treatment plant reduces the risk posed by pathogens during recreational and tourism activities downstream of the Island of Montreal. Following numerous studies, the city concluded that ozonation, using the powerful oxidant ozone, is the best method for disinfecting wastewater. The city has implemented the use of this technology.

Green infrastructure is one of the initiatives proposed for promoting storm water management upstream of the sewage system. Over 30 green infrastructure projects have been created or are underway on public land (curb extension, rain gardens, bio retention ponds, green roofs, permeable pavement, etc.). These improvements generally reduce the heat island effect and promote storm water retention/infiltration. Advancements have also been made with three new large parks (Sources Nature Park, Third Peak of Mount Royal Nature Park and Rapides-du-Cheval-Blanc Nature Park), while several other nature parks were expanded. Montreal’s continual water strategy is to improve the quality of wastewater discharged from the treatment plant into the St. Lawrence River.

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