Montreal’s Grand Underground Structures and Tunnels

Montreal is the world’s largest underground complex in the world. It is also known as the indoor city. Montreal is the network of interconnected complexes underground, achieved through the construction of tunnels. The tunnels are technically and architecturally sound. They have conditioned air and good lighting to create a comfortable environment and make it aesthetically pleasing. The entire concept of Underground city so that residents and visitors can move around comfortably in any type of weather. It is estimated that over 500,000 people use the underground city during the winter on a daily basis. Montreal is ranked high on the list of the world’s most comfortable living urban places.

Geography, in addition to climate, was another key reason for choosing to construct underground transport and public structures, since the city is located at the island of the same name, where two rivers, St Lawrence and Ottawa join into one St Lawrence. The underground section of Montreal consists not only of the metro system, but also a large pedestrian zone – Reseau Pitonnier Souterrain (RESO) or La Ville Souterraine, with the total length of 32 km. RESO has exits to 10 of the total 68 stations and large trade centers: Complexe Les Ailes, Centre Eaton, Bay Fashion Liquidation Centre, Les Cours Mont-Royal, Promenades de la Cathedrale and other buildings.  These buildings are up to 10-stories high with two floors that allow for the joining of several streets with the short tunnels and underground floors of the buildings. Due to the numerous atriums in the center of the structures, the daylight is able to be seen.


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