Montreal’s Flooding Creates Emergency Conditions for Community

The residents of Montreal are having quite a difficult time with the extreme rain and flooding that has submerged the community on a wide-spread level. The recent flooding in Montreal and surrounding areas has displaced several homeowners as hundreds of homes were affected, creating the need to activate a state of emergency and response system which advised neighborhoods of the inherent danger of flooded roads as water may be deeper than expected. The flooding in Montreal, which is centered on a group of islands at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, began when waters breached barriers in the northern part of the city. The unexpected heavy rainfall has engulfed the dams, reservoirs, and rivers pushing Lake Ontario to a water level not seen in almost 25 years. The flooding has created an extraordinary hardship as downpours have been torrential.

The severe flood has left many with the task of looking into flood insurance policies. Flooding can often occur when sewer systems back up and overflow into basement drains. There are two major types of insurance against floods- regular flood insurance and overland flood insurance. Homeowners who don’t have insurance coverage can still make a claim with the Federal Emergency Management Office and apply for Disaster Financial Assistance, which are federally funded programs. There are also a few easy preparations you can make to protect your home from the damage that flooding can cause. These measures include placing plastic covers over window wells, ensure sewer grates are free of debris and look at the grounds outside your home. If water is collecting, regrade the perimeter so that water flows away from your home. You may decide to install one or more sump-pumps, as well. This tactic will remove water that accumulates in what’s referred to as the sump basement, usually found in basements. Also, remember to take care around vehicles in and around flooding as this too could pose a safety hazard. Stay safe Montreal! Perma-Liner Industries is here for you! Call us@ 1-866-336-2568/



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