Montreal and Nearby Regions Make Adjustments for Flood Crisis

Quebec is recovering from trying times due to heavy rain and subsequent flood crisis. Fortunately, several relief programs have been set up for those experiencing hardship. Also, a concern is keeping the residents safe and moving forward, as well as protecting the waterways within the provinces. In order to ensure better protection from the recent flooding, Montreal has begun a project to invest in updated wastewater systems. This large scale investment is part of the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF). This financial support will help to maintain the municipality’s infrastructure to ensure the proper disposal and treatment of wastewater. Similarly, the region of Mauricie has also announced more than a dozen infrastructure improvement goals. A portion of the approved funding will be used to upgrade the aerated ponds, intended to greatly increase the wastewater holding capacity and allow for new sewer connections for homes. An additional budget has been prepared for a wide array of green infrastructures, to work in conjunction with the benefit of other updated systems.

Because of the wide spread flooding incidents throughout Quebec, homeowners have been encouraged to develop a plan of preparedness with private flood insurance. Most coverages will protect homeowners who suffer damages from water coming into their residences, as well as from water flowing above ground and leaking in through windows, doors, and walls. A recent poll revealed that many homeowners living in areas designated as high risk for flooding, did not have the resources needed when a flood actually occurred, nor did many realize their homes were in such a risk area. Keep in mind, many insurance policies do not include water damage from sewer-backup. For this, coverage is sold as an optional add-on.

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